HGTV's Green Home 2012 – A Metal Roof?

Here at Lone-Star Roof systems we enjoy HGTV’s Green Home series. This year, HGTV’s Green Home used a standing seam metal roofing product. Why?

Metal is an extremely eco-friendly option for roofs. The material lasts for a lifetime! When you install a metal roof, the expectation is that you will never have to replace it. This is particularly true of a standing-seam metal roof because there are no exposed screws that will rust and wear out causing leaks and other roof problems.

Metal roofs use no asphalt or other petroleum-based products in the product or in installation, and when installed properly they are one of the best roof products out there for an energy efficient home. Because this roof is white it will reflect much of the radiant heat from the sun back and away from the home. This could save the owner up to 50% on their electric bill while still keeping the home at a comfortable temperature.

Some people might think that a metal roof would be very noisy or get damaged in bad weather, but that is not the case! A properly installed metal roof will be well-insulated from noise as well as heat and stormy weather. The best installations can withstand wind, rain, snow, hail, and just about anything else that Mother Nature can throw at it. These roofs are also fireproof, meaning they will not burn in the case of a wildfire. While there is no such thing as a perfectly storm-proof roof, a metal roof is guaranteed to withstand the ravages of time.

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