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Have You Checked Your Roof Lately?

Thanks to our October 11, 2011 blog post by Brandy Meyer (which you can access here) we were able to work with many of you to help keep your roofs in shape. At the time, our roofers were able to identify many minor issues, issues that, if left untreated, could easily have grown into much bigger ones.

So anyway, it’s been 3 years, and we just wanted to give you all a heads-up that this would be a good time to do another roof check, and make sure your roofs are still doing well.

When choosing a material for their residential roofing Houston residents generally prefer to go with shingles; asphalt or wood shingle roofing is easy to install, lasts a long time, and provides very good protection at a fraction of the cost of other roofing materials. Over the years, however, shingles will eventually start to break down, even if only from simple wear and exposure to the elements.

A quick recap of our previous blog post lists the following items, signs that shingle roofing is wearing down that, short of a trip by a professional roofer to inspect your roof, may give you an idea whether or not you need to have maintenance done on your roof:

  • Cracking, curling, or loosening of shingles
  • Granules end up in the gutter
  • Flap erosion and rounding of shingles

Naturally, if your shingles are so worn that your roof is already leaking, then it’s past time to contact a professional roofing service.

Similarly, if you’ve recently had a storm or severe winds in your area, it can’t hurt to have someone inspect your roof. Even newer roofs can be damaged by hail storms; luckily, insurance will generally cover the cost of repair or replacement, seeing as how it’s hard to miss the cause of roof damage after a hail storm.

If you do end up needing roofing services in residential Houston metal roofing, it is an option to keep in mind. While more expensive than other types of roofing, metal roofs offer lasting value, and can help reduce your energy expenditure as well.

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