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Get the Green Look: Roofing Options Inspired by HGTV Green Home 2012

As the HGTV website says, the Green Home 2012 has an “energy star rated, 5-V crimp sheet steel roof, chosen for its durability, longevity and ability to reflect sunlight.” Durability and longevity are two major advantages of metal roofs over other materials such as composite shingle. When you install a metal roof on your home the goal is for the roof to outlive you, it should not have to be replaced.

The 5-V crimp panel is an exposed fastener system, one of three basic categories. Two other options for metal roofing systems are standing seam and concealed fastener (batten capped). There are several different panel profiles in each category which are similar in look and function to the 5-V crimp on the HGTV Green Home 2012.

Exposed Fastener System:

The 5-V Crimp panel is offered by many manufacturers and provides added stability with the v-shaped rib in the middle of the panel.

This is a clean look, as you can see on the HGTV Green Home.

Exposed fastener systems like this are less durable than concealed fastener systems or standing seam because the hardware is exposed to the elements and has the potential to wear out.


Concealed Fastener System:

This Slimline panel from MBCI is a concealed fastener system and is more aesthetically similar to the 5-V crimp than some standing seam options.

This red color is much less efficient than the galvalume or mill finish shown on the HGTV Green Home because it is less reflective. Photo property of

Concealed Fastener Systems are more durable than exposed fastener and should severe weather cause damage, they are easier to repair than standing seam roofs.


Standing Seam System:

As with the red colored roof above, this dark green is not the best color for Texas climate because it will not reflect as much radiant heat as the galvalume or mill finish.

There are many options for panel profiles in standing seam and they are very durable and widely used in residential roofing. To see a recently installed standing seam roof by Lone-Star Roof Systems, click here.

One option is the Meridian Panel by McElroy which features ribs for added stability and mimics the look of the 5-V crimp.

Although metal roofs are known for their durability, extreme weather can cause damage. Standing seam systems are difficult to repair if damaged.

No matter which system you choose, a metal roof is a great investment in your home and can be a big help to your energy costs. In some cases, you may even qualify for discounts on your home insurance. If want not just a new roof but a better roof, call Lone-Star Roof Systems today and ask for your free estimate on a new metal roof, or request a quote online.

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