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Features and Benefits of Modified Bitumen Roofing

For its outstanding qualities, it is not surprising that more building owners are now choosing modified bitumen as their roof. It is a high-quality roofing system that can keep your property dry and damage-free. As a leader in commercial roofing in Dallas, TX, we highly recommend that you consider this trusted solution.

Modified bitumen membranes are single-ply roof systems that are applied using heat to secure the seams between runs of roofing material. They are fairly maintenance-free and are typically used in flat or low-slope roofs. If you’re planning to invest in this product, turn to Lone-Star Roof Systems, LLC. We specialize in the application of modified bitumen, so you can expect your project to be a success. Let us talk about the four benefits of this excellent roofing choice.

Superior Weather Resistance

The polymer modification in its manufacturing makes this roof system more flexible and durable. It can withstand extreme cold, heat, and UV exposure, ensuring lasting protection for your roofing in Bryan, TX. It can also resist impact damage from high foot traffic and the elements. It also has a reflective surface to help reduce the amount of heat that enters your building.


Modified bitumen offers great value for your money, as it is easy to install and only requires minimal maintenance. This is ideal for property managers who want to save more in the long run.

Versatile Methods for Installation

As an expert in commercial roofing in Austin, TX, we provide you with different options for how you want us to install this product. You can choose from three processes: hot, cold, or self-adhesive.

Lasting Performance

Modified bitumen consists of polymer-modified bitumen reinforced with one or more plies of fabric. These include fiberglass, polyester, or a combination of both. Compared with traditional sheeting rolls and shingles, modified bitumen can last more than 20 years due to its durability.

You can rely on this roofing material to bring lasting value to your property. As this system requires the expertise of a professional, make sure to turn to us for its proper installation. Call us today at (800) 994-3194 to get started.

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