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Elements of the CertainTeed Integrity Roof System®

A reliable roof is more than just shingles. Its optimum performance relies on its parts, which complement each other to protect your home against the elements without compromise.

One of the most desirable roofs today is CertainTeed’s Integrity Roof System® for great reasons. The authority in residential and commercial roofing in Houston, TX, Lone-Star Roof Systems, sheds light on its components:

Starter Shingles

Apart from helping ensure maximum performance, these accessories reduce application time. They’re specifically designed to work with certain types of CertainTeed shingles for a consistent appearance.


This waterproofing underlayment is your key to winning the battle against water infiltration in the most vulnerable areas of your roof. Made of asphalt polymers, it’s elastic, sticky, and vapor-tight. Its unique properties allow this protective barrier to stretch through the rigors of installation and seal around the nails driven through it.

Roofers’ Select® or Diamond Deck®

As secondary barriers against leaks, any of these high-performance layers will safeguard your decking from wind-driven rain. The former is a fiberglass–reinforced felt while the latter is a synthetic water-resistant underlayment. We’ll explain both of their unique properties to help you choose the perfect one for your replacement roofing in College Station, TX.

CertainTeed Shingles

CertainTeed’s high-quality shingles can endure your local climate and remain in one piece for years to come. They’re available in a variety of styles and colors, giving plenty of leeway to choose your aesthetic desires. As a CertainTeed SELECT ShingleMaster™, we can install any shingle you like and offer you the brand’s strongest warranty to protect your investment.

CertainTeed Ridge Vents

CertainTeed Ridge Vents allow your Integrity Roof System to breathe and expel indoor heat. When combined with CertainTeed Intake Vents, they lend your roof an efficient ventilation system to prevent moisture buildup in the attic all year long.

Hip and Ridge Accessories

These accessory shingles protect the hips and ridges of your roof. By complementing the beauty of your chosen CertainTeed shingle, they create a uniform, finished appearance for your replacement roof.

We’re one of the rare roofers in College Station, TX, that can combine the power of the Integrity Roof System and 5-Star SureStart PLUS™ Coverage. Call Lone-Star Roof Systems today at (800) 994-3194 and harness the best of CertainTeed for your re-roofing project.

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