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Why Install Modified Bitumen for my commercial roof?

There are various roof selections for homes and properties today, each with its own unique features to offer. At Lone-Star Roof Systems, LLC, we offer roof systems that will surely increase a home’s beauty and functionality.

Let us help you choose good commercial or residential roofing in Bryan, TX. In this commercial roofing series, we’ll talk about one of the most widely-used materials: modified bitumen. Here’s why you should consider installing one for your property:

Modified Bitumen Offers Superior Performance

According to Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer’s Association (ARMA), modified bitumen has the built-up roof’s strength, which is reinforced with polymer modification. Modified bitumen membranes go through strict quality control standards to achieve puncture resistance and overall system integrity. Additionally, modified bitumen has good waterproofing properties, which is why it’s highly recommended by roofing contractors.

Modified Bitumen Offers Durability

Another distinct feature of modified bitumen is its long service life. Unlike other roof materials that only last for 10 to 15 years, modified bitumen goes beyond that number without many repair concerns. Due to its strength, modified bitumen has low deterioration rate and maintenance requirements. Since it went through polymer modifications, its ductility and flexibility properties have been improved.

Modified Bitumen Offers Ease of Application

Modified bitumen systems involve traditional materials as well as modern fabrication techniques, giving it better characteristics. Aside from material stability, modified bitumen roofs give contractors an array of installation options. Some facility owners prefer to invest in hot processing while others want the cold method. It also makes use of a prefabricated reinforced sheet, for a less labor-intensive application.

Be sure to enjoy the benefits of modified bitumen roofing. At Lone-Star Roof Systems, LLC, our expert roofers will install the best kind of modified bitumen in the industry. Additionally, we offer a range of commercial roofing services in Bryan, TX, such as inspection, maintenance, repairs, and replacement.

Our goal is to help building owners and facility managers keep their roofs beautiful and efficient. A good commercial roof offers protection and security to the residents. If you need a reliable commercial roof, let us know. Give us a call at (800) 994-3194 today and we will be ready to assist you.

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