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Commercial Roofing Series: TPO Single-Ply Membrane Benefits

Out of the many commercial roofing products in the market, there is a reason why builders prefer TPO single-ply membrane. First, what is it, exactly? Thermoplastic polyolefin or TPO is the generic term used in polymer science, which refers to filler blends that consists of rubber, reinforcing filler, polypropylene, polyethylene, and polypropylene. Much of the characteristics of TPO can be attributed to these substances. TPO was first introduced to the roofing market back in the early 1990s and has since then became a standard commercial choice.

TPO single-ply membranes are commonly used in commercial roofing in Bryan, TX, and surrounding areas. However, some people also use this material in their homes. To further understand why it’s a popular choice, here are four of its main benefits:


Cost is a key player when it comes to choosing a good roofing material for commercial properties. While some materials claim to have reasonable selling prices, there are instances when their cost of maintenance is more costly. The reason people choose TPO single-ply membranes is its “what you see is what you get” feature. TPO is said to provide the same benefits as PVC, but at a lower cost.


Another benefit of using TPO is it’s essentially versatile. You can use it in almost any type of home, building, and structure. TPO is commonly available in reflective black, light gray, and white. Some building owners want the energy-saving and reflective properties of white roofs but not the color. The latest roofing innovations has paved the way to enable all colors of TPO membranes to be cool and UV-resistant. Now, you can get these same features in TPO’s black and light gray variants.

Easy to Install

Like PVC, TPO is aesthetically pleasing, light in weight, and resistant to wear and tear. Still, among the other features that set TPO membrane apart is its ease of installation. Since TPO membranes are generally created with wider sheets and less seams, the material is easier to install. What does this mean for you? Less work and installation time translate into direct savings.


TPO is highly recyclable and environment friendly in the same way that it’s also heavy-duty. Compared to other materials, TPO is greatly resistant against dirt accumulation, mold growth, tears, punctures, and other factors. Furthermore, many TPO membranes these days are reinforced with advanced technology. As a result, they can handle any building’s contraction and thermal expansion issues more effectively.

Lone-Star Roof Systems, LLC is your partner in providing quality commercial roofing services in Bryan, TX, and nearby areas. We install TPO single-ply membrane that offer great protection and performance.

If you want other materials for your commercial property, we also install modified bitumen, EPDM single-ply, and metal roofing products. Just call us at (800) 994-3194 to learn more about our services. We would also be happy to schedule a professional, no-obligation quote today.

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