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Choosing Between Three-Tab And Architectural Shingles

When manufactured by trusted brands, like CertainTeed or GAF, asphalt roofing shingles deliver exceptional quality. But to buy the right product and achieve your home improvement goals, you should know the distinctions between the three-tab and architectural varieties. While the former is the traditional favorite, the latter’s popularity has soared over the years.

Here are the four biggest differences between three-tab and architectural roofing shingles:


The size and shape of the shingle tab are the most noticeable difference between the two. The tabs of the three-tab type only come in one appearance while the architectural shingles have various shapes and sizes. As a result, the architectural one has superior dimensionality, mimicking the look of wood shakes more realistically. When putting a premium on curb appeal, the identical tab design of three-tab shingles might not lend a lot of character to your exterior.


The extra details in the design of architectural shingles call for more materials, thus making them thicker. On the other hand, the simplistic profile and singular flat layer of three-tab ones render them about 50% lighter than their newer counterparts. Any experienced roofing contractor, like Lone-Star Roof Systems, would say that the superior weight and thickness of architectural shingles translate to better weather resistance.


Naturally, architectural roofing shingles are protected by stronger warranties. By industry standards, they generally come with at least a 30-year guarantee against wind damage. On the contrary, three-tab products don’t enjoy the same kind of insurance against strong winds. Their warranty coverage is generally shorter by numerous years.


Judging by the aforementioned qualities, all roofers would attest that architectural shingles cost more than three-tab ones. Although the former has a larger initial outlay, its longevity delays the need for another replacement for a long period, and its powerful guarantee offers more value for money.

Unless you own a rental property or live in a low-value home, the more sensible choice is architectural shingles. To learn more about your shingle options in Bryan and Huntsville, TX, call Lone-Star Roof Systems today at (800) 994-3194. We’ll be more than happy to answer your questions and provide you an estimate.

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