Disposable Culture

  If you have a sense of how our society works, you have probably noticed that America has created an entire culture based around the idea of disposable, or junk, items. We make things that are to be shortly replaced, and want everything to be a cheap as possible so […]

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West Nile Virus – How You Can Protect Your Family

  As we move into summer and plans for pool parties, barbeques and camping all spring up, you may want to consider those annoying blood-sucking critters we know as mosquitoes a little more seriously. West Nile Virus has only grown since it entered our great state in 2002. While it […]

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West Plant Fire and Boston Marathon Bombing – How can you help?

Many times, when tragedy strikes, our hearts go out to those burdened by these events and the fallout they leave behind. It can leave us feeling helpless or hopeless, or with a deep desire to do something, anything, just to be helping those victims. For most of us, this provokes […]

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