Texas' Premier Roofer!

Here at Lone-Star Roof Systems, we pride ourselves in offering the best products at competitive prices with an over-the-top labor warranty. We like to take great care of our customers in all stages of the roof installation process (and well after the job is done) because we are passionate about […]

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Most Common Causes of Roof Issues – and How to Avoid Them! Part 1: Improper Installation

Picture this: A person arrives home everyday to a warm, secure building that protects everything they love and everything they own. They sit down to dinner, watch a little television and maybe head to bed early. In the middle of the night they wake up to find the roof of […]

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Winterizing Your Roof

Aside from hail damage, the most common reason for roof damage is neglect. For this reason, you should realize that it is important to prepare your roof for winter. Regardless of where you live, it is a necessity to winterize your roof to avoid potential damage. 

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