What are the Best Roofing Options for Texans?

Most true Texans know that the climate here can be harsh at times. What with our humid subtropical climate, we can expect the heat of the sun to beat down on us for most of the year, while thunderstorms packing strong winds and heavy rains often visit us in the […]

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Annuitized Tile Roofs – A Look at Expense and Value

In previous blogs we have talked about the beauty and durability of tile roofs for many types of homeowners. But what about the expense?  It is true that these roof tiles can be much more expensive than a traditional shingle-style roof. However, in this context annuitized means that the price […]

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When Lightning Strikes!

You may wonder, will having a metal roof put your house at a greater risk for lightning strike? Lucky for you, it’s a common myth that metal objects attract lighting–they don’t! Metal conducts electricity if it is struck, but does not attract it. During a lighting storm, you are just […]

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