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Why Are We the Best?

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Some roofing professionals will list a thousand reasons why they are the best choice for you. We would like to share a single story.

We recently had a roofing customer who chose CertainTeed material for their home. CertainTeed is a quality company with high standards for their material – they want to ensure every CertainTeed customer has a roof that they can rely upon. The customer chose their color, the material was ordered, and the job went off, seemingly, without a hitch.

The customer wanted to sell the home, but he wanted to make sure the roof was completed before everyone signed the paperwork. Ronnie, Lone-Star’s salesman, had worked extra hours for several days to ensure he could meet the customer’s deadline. He was happy to inform the homeowner that the roof would be completed on schedule. The customer sent in the final payment, and the home was sold to new owners, just like dozens of others this year. Ronnie even made sure the labor warranty was filled out to the new owners, something that is not altogether common in the roofing industry. However, he was mildly concerned about the look of the material. It was installed on a damp, cloudy day, which seemed to do strange things to the color. Ronnie resolved to come back on the next sunny day and check on the material, just to be sure the roof was up to scratch.

When Ronnie returned, he could clearly see that the installation had been completed with shingle material that was below standards.

No one would be likely to note the error for years. The new owners didn’t know about roofing, the realtors had moved on, and there was no one around to point out this mistake. Had it been installed by another roofing company maybe no one would have said anything about correcting the error. But Ronnie believes in the standards Lone-Star Roof Systems, as a roofing contractor, sets for every job. He wanted to ensure that the consistent quality we demonstrate would be present for this customer just as much as any other he has served with our company. And on this sunny, clear skies day, the flaws were obvious to his trained eye.  Ronnie decided to go to the manufacturer (CertainTeed) to try to come up with a solution.

“Mike I want you to come to take a look at this roof – something isn’t right here” Ronnie explained to the territory manager when he called.

Mike Maltbie, the territory manager answered the issue. He came into town to take a closer look at the home. Once he had examined it, he agreed that the material was not up to scratch, a highly unusual occurrence for CertainTeed. The material had to be recalled. He thanked us for pointing out the flaw and, as part of the recall, covered the cost of replacing the faulty shingle material with new shingles with Lone-Star Roof Systems’ crew and project manager completing the work. Mike and Ronnie knew that this home needed the quality roof that both CertainTeed and Lone-Star Roof Systems had promised.

The new homeowners were relieved to hear that the faulty material would be replaced at no cost to the hardworking Lone-Star team or themselves. As they began the process of scheduling the reroof with the new material, they were happy to know that they were working with honest companies who stand by their work and products.

At the completion of the job, Lone-Star Roof Systems sent Ronnie to double-check the quality of the roof once more – just in case! Ronnie was able to verify that, this time, the roof was completely certified as a quality CertainTeed material, Lone-Star Roof Systems roof. All parties involved were satisfied that their high standards had been met.

Had this roof been installed by a less-reputable roofer, the issue may not have been discovered – the new homeowners would have had to replace the roof many years before the material should be worn out, and likely there would be no company to answer any calls even if there had been a labor warranty to cover the roof. In short, the wise choices of the homeowners in this situation helped protect their homes from a faulty roof.

The moral of the story: A trusted, honest, hardworking company will serve you better than any crew working out of the back of a truck. Whether you live in Bryan, College Station, Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, or anywhere in the surrounding areas, you can trust that Lone-Star Roof Systems will provide added value with quality checks and labor warranties you can rely on. Let us help you with your new roof – we are not just roofers, we are professional roofing contractors serving your needs every day.

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