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Basic Components of a Roofing System

The ability of your roof to resist the elements, especially water, depends on the components that make it up. As a system, all parts should work together to keep your indoors safe and dry for decades.

To buy a high-quality roofing system is to understand its basic components. Lone-Star Roof Systems sheds light on the key elements you must pay attention to:


The underlayment is the weather-resistant membrane that safeguards the wooden deck – the very foundation of your roof. Even the toughest kinds of roofing in Huntsville, TX, would rely on this protective skin to help prevent rot and its associated hassles.

Reinforcing your roofing system with a premium underlayment is the best way to keep rainwater at bay. In case droplets manage to seep into the gaps around your roofing shingles, shakes, or tiles, this secondary barrier preserves the deck’s structural integrity.

Shingles, Shakes, or Tiles

Made of your roof’s primary material, the shingles, shakes, or tiles make up the outermost layer of your roofing system. With proper installation, they help you win the battle against nature. Some materials emulate the style of others to let you pull off the roof appearance you want to achieve at a more affordable price.

All roofers in Bryan, TX, agree that asphalt shingles are the chameleons of the roofing world. They mimic natural slate and genuine wood shake or even tiles realistically at a fraction of the cost.


Made of galvanized metal, pieces of flashing are used to seal all intersections and penetrations in the roof to prevent water seepage. Damaged flashing is perhaps the most common cause of leakage, making it a vital component of any roofing system.

As a credentialed roofing contractor in Huntsville, TX, Lone-Star Roof Systems recommends choosing components only from one manufacturer. This way, you can ensure that all of your roof’s parts are designed to complement each other and collectively perform at a high level.

If you choose a roofer of our caliber, you buy the most sought-after roofing systems, like CertainTeed’s Integrity Roof System, and get exclusive benefits. To learn more about what we have to offer, call us today at (800) 994-3194.

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