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A Wet Sorority with a Flat Roof

Last Thursday’s blog introduced Holmes on Homes, a show that goes into homes where contracting or construction work has been done poorly and corrects the issues that the poor work has created. Holmes is a general contractor from Canada with years of experience in construction. He hates to see a contractor leave a customer with poor work and many home issues that they are not qualified to fix on their own.

This week, I would like to take a look at the “Soggy Sorority” episode from season one. In this episode, the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority house has multiple leaks. The girls have had several contractors out to fix the problem, but the leaks persist. By the time Holmes arrives, there has been interior damage because of the water. He decides to remove the old flat roof (and the deck that is on top of it) and install a brand new flat roof on the house with a rebuilt deck.

This episode is a tale of warning for flat-roof owners. Oftentimes with flat roofs there are patches and ponding water that can make repairs difficult and even ineffective. If the drainage on the roof does not work properly then puddles of water can be created (called ponding) which will break down the waterproof roof coating and cause new leaks. If that happens the problem can be corrected with a certain type of patch, but unless the patch is applied under the appropriate conditions it will not seal and cure correctly, which means the roof will continue to leak.

These types of problems are probably the reason Holmes chose to reroof the building instead of attempting another patch job. By starting over, a roofing contractor can ensure that the entire roof has been done properly with the best materials he can get. At Lone-Star Roof Systems, we have several different products for flat roofs, ranging from 3-ply to DuroLast that all provide premium protection.

One of our favorite materials to use is the DuroLast system. This company actually got its start as a pool-lining company, so you know their product is waterproof! They deliver a custom-shaped and cut material that lays over the roof similar to the way a Tupperware lid sits over the matching plastic container. The only downside to this product is price and possibly the wait to receive material depending on current demand.

Another fantastic product we use is TPO. This product is very similar to the DuroLast. It is rolled out over roof and then “heat-welded” to the surface. It tends to be a bit cheaper than the DuroLast. However, this product is a little more difficult to install and is less resistant to breaking down around things like animal fats (restaurants).

The last type of roof we usually install on flat roofs is modified bitumen, sometimes referred to as 3-ply because we roll out three separate layers of a sticky blend of shingle-like materials and cut it to fit the roof. This option is also quite dependable (and often a little cheaper than the other options, though it might not last quite as long).

As you can see, flat roofs can be troublesome to handle if not properly installed and cared for. In this case, Mr. Holmes was able to fix the problem. But for local repairs, Lone-Star Roof Systems will be happy to take care of any of your needs in the Dallas, Houston, and Bryan/College Station areas (and pretty much everywhere in between!) As Texas’ Premier Roofer we pride ourselves in providing quality materials and professional service at reasonable prices – every time.


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