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5 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Commercial Roofer

Hiring an experienced and reliable contractor for your commercial property is important. It protects you from unnecessary expenses and headaches. It also helps keep your property, employees, and customers safe while the work is being completed.

To make sure you’re getting reliable and efficient contractors to work on your commercial roofing in Bryan, TX, ask these questions before hiring them:

1. How long has your business been in operation, and where are you located?

Verifying a business’s background and physical location ensures that you’re not dealing with a fly-by-night contractor.

2. Are you qualified to work on the type of roof that I have?

There are different types of materials used for commercial roofing. You can avoid problems by choosing contractors whose expertise includes the type of roofing you have. In Bryan and nearby areas, for instance, Lone-Star Roof Systems is known for working on TPO, PVC, and BUR (built-up) commercial roofing.

3. Can you provide local references?

Asking for references gives you the opportunity to visit and see past work and decide if the quality meets your expectations.

4. Are you certified by manufacturers?

Having certifications from leading brands in the industry guarantees that the contractors have met the standards of the brands they carry. This means they’re not only knowledgeable about products, but they can install and repair them efficiently as well.

5. Do you provide warranties on labor and materials?

Warranties protect you from unexpected costs after the project is done. If problems occur, you won’t have to worry about paying for repairs or replacement materials.

You don’t have to look too far for an experienced and reliable company offering roofing services in Bryan, TX, and surrounding communities. Lone-Star Roof Systems offers a range of services for residential and commercial properties. With 75 years of combined experience, our experts can work on your roof with exceptional care and efficiency. Call us or fill out our contact form to request an estimate or learn more about our commercial services.

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