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5 Tips to Keep Your Roofing Project on Schedule

Keeping your roofing project on schedule means trimming your labor costs and minimizing its disruption to your routine. Since most of the factors that affect the job’s progress are out of your control, planning everything right helps prevent common causes of delay.

What can you do to keep your residential or commercial roofing project on track? Lone-Star Roof Systems recommends these practical tips when planning the job:

1. Think About Material

Certain materials take more time to be shipped than others. Less popular ones may require weeks to arrive due to unavailability in your area. To get your project off the ground ASAP, asphalt shingles are the best candidate. GAF and CertainTeed are two of the most preferred roofing brands of American homeowners. If you select either of them, your project may progress more quickly.

2. Budget For Contingencies

Running out of funds could stall the job, especially if there’s unforeseen, necessary work that needs to be done first. Experienced roofers would say that your budget should absorb about 20% in additional expenses to avoid postponements because curveballs happen nine out of ten times.

3. Allot Time to Process Permits

Roofing jobs would generally require a building permit, which couldn’t be obtained overnight. Without planning ahead, it could take a while before you get the green light from your local licensing officer to get your project rolling.

4. Know the Busy Months

In most places in the U.S., spring and summer are home improvement “peak seasons”. During these hectic months, the best roofing contractors get booked fast. Unless you want to settle for the inexperienced, you should look for a reputable roofer with a sense of urgency to be prioritized.

5. Forecast the Weather

Inclement weather is the great equalizer. Contractors, good and not-so-good ones, can’t work safely and efficiently outdoors when rain is falling and everything’s slippery. Apart from accidents, workmanship errors are more likely to occur when nature isn’t cooperative.

With over 75 years of combined experience in providing roofing services, you can count on Lone-Star Roof Systems to keep your project on schedule. To request an estimate in Houston or College Station, TX, call us today at (800) 994-3194.

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