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4 Smart Ways to Keep Your Roof in Superb Shape

Most roofs don’t the end of their service life on their own. Regardless of its material, your roof requires proper care and attention to stay in good shape. Otherwise, you may be dealing with leaks and higher energy bills.

As the local authority in the upkeep of residential and commercial roofing systems, Lone-Star Roof Systems shares ways to tackle effective maintenance:

Mind the Gutter

A minor gutter issue can lead to a major problem. As your roof’s drainage system, any clog or broken seal can disrupt the natural flow of the water, allowing it to seep or spill into places it shouldn’t reach. Before you know it, your property is in disrepair.

Schedule Regular, Professional Inspections

Many property owners confuse lack of leakage with good roof health. Whether you see signs of damage or not, it’s imperative to send professionals up there to check your roofing system thoroughly. Many roof issues don’t present themselves until they’re big enough to hide. Pro roofers have the trained eye to spot the tiniest red flags, and the experience to tell you when they’ll become real causes for concern.

Don’t Put Repair on the Back Burner

When immediate repair is essential, avoid procrastination. Take your roofer’s recommendations seriously or you’ll deal with leaks when you least expect them.

Address Storm Damage Urgently

If a storm tears your roof apart or sends water inside, don’t wait until the next morning. Call in professionals to perform emergency repair and save your roofing system from further damage. Neglected storm damage may hurt your chances of getting adequately paid by your insurance company for your losses.

Lone-Star Roof Systems is your one-stop shop for roof maintenance. Whether you want to take preventive measures or give your system immediate care after a storm, we’re the name you can trust. Call us at (800) 994-3194 today to talk about your roofing needs in Houston or College Station, TX.

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