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4 Smart Ways to Save with Home Improvement This Year

It’s not every day that the spotlight is on your residential roofing in Houston. And whenever it is, don’t you wish it had nothing to do with it being damaged? For one, almost any kind of roofing-related job is quite costly. Roof fixes can also take time, which unfortunately not every homeowner has! But even if you have the time, don’t even think about working on your roof yourself as it can pose many safety hazards. Who knows, you might even damage your structure in the process, which can cost you a lot in terms of repairs. So leave roof work to professional and certified contractors, like us here at Lone-Star Roof Systems.

So what do you do when you want to save money and time but still want to make the most of your investment? Here are four smart ways to save on home improvement this year:

Invest in Energy-Efficient Roofs

You’ve probably heard about roofs that can help reduce your energy consumption and bill. The creation of energy-efficient roofs is one of the smartest innovations ever made in the roofing industry. These roofs have the ability to help maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home.

During winter, energy-efficient tile roofing in Houston can help keep the warmth in and the cold out of your home for a long time, with the reverse during summer. The standing seam material we offer here at Lone-Star Roof Systems works in the same manner. It is made of metal and does a great job at improving the energy efficiency of your home. Simply investing in the right roof can give you a huge chunk of savings on your energy bill.

Use Gutter Protection Systems

Who said gutter guards are useless? If you want to keep your gutters decongested and looking good as new for longer, then a gutter protection system is your best bet.

Here are some of its benefits:

  • It helps keep leaves, twigs, branches, and other debris out of your gutter system.
  • It helps eliminate water damage to your soffit, fascia, siding, and overall foundation.
  • It helps prevent insects, pests, and small animals from nesting in your gutters.
  • It helps avoid mold formation in your attic and basement.

The great thing about our gutter protection systems is that they can fit your existing gutters and blend with your roofline, and it also comes with a lifetime warranty. You can call our expert crew if you want to learn more about its warranty and many benefits.

Make Maintenance Your Priority

Another practical way to keep damage at bay is through consistent upkeep. This includes regular cleaning and inspecting of your walls, windows, siding, roofing system, and other parts. Good old-fashioned house maintenance is a good idea, especially right after a storm or any inclement weather. As your trusted local contractor in the area, we can help keep your roof in good condition with our maintenance services.

Replace Your Old Windows

There are certain window problems that are beyond repair and require a full replacement. Sometimes the wisest decision is to have them replaced immediately. Otherwise, you might be in for frequent minor yet costly fixes.

Aside from savings, new windows can also help reduce outdoor noise penetration and enhance the curb appeal of your home. The energy-efficient windows we offer here at Lone-Star Roof Systems are easy to maintain, so that’s a huge plus!

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