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3 Reasons Replacing Your Roof is a Good Idea

If your roof is more than a decade old and needs excessive care and maintenance, then it may be time to replace it. Our replacement roofs can improve your home’s value, increase your home’s energy efficiency, and protect your home from any kind of weather. In addition, they are durable without needing frequent care and maintenance. Here are the reasons to replace your roof.

You Want to Add Value to Your Home

Replacing your roof can be a good investment because you can recoup the majority of the cost. According to the Remodeling 2016 Cost vs. Value Report (, installing a new roof will lead you to recoup 71.4% of the cost. As specialists in residential roofing in Bryan, TX, we recommend replacing your roof because it adds greater value for your home. It can improve your home’s appearance, save you money, and protect your home from bad weather.

You Want to Save Money on Energy Bills

If your current roof has any cracks and gaps, you may be paying more in your energy bills than you should. Cracks or damage in your roof can lead to wasted energy. As experts in residential and commercial roofing in Dallas, TX, we strongly recommend installing a new and energy-efficient roof. Energy can’t escape from a new roof because there won’t be any gaps.

In addition, our GAF Timberline® Cool Series Shingles and our metal roofs feature reflective coatings. These coatings reflect heat and keep your attic cool. This reduces the workload and energy consumption of your utility system, which can lead to reduced energy bills.

You Want Increased Protection against Harsh Weather

Old roofs are more vulnerable to wear and tear, which puts your home at risk from leaks. We can replace your roof with a more durable system to protect your home from leaks. Lone-Star Roof Systems, LP, can install residential and commercial roofing in Austin, TX, that are highly weather-resistant.

Our metal, slate, and tile roofs can withstand moisture, long-term sun exposure, and strong winds. They can also last for multiple decades with proper maintenance. If you prefer asphalt shingles, we also have special shingles that provide extra protection.

Replacing your roof can make your home a secure, more comfortable, and energy-efficient place. Lone-Star Roof Systems, LP, takes a custom-focused approach in providing quality craftsmanship and reliable products. Our roofing contractors have over 75 years of combined roofing experience. We can evaluate your home to recommend the right kind of roof. Additionally, we can ensure a smooth and hassle-free installation. Give us a call to learn more about roof replacement, or to request a professional estimate.

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